What its like working at Snowball

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Daniela Barone Soares, CEO, Snowball

Wed 31 August 2022

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“After eleven years in corporate banking, I had grown disillusioned with the pace of change in the financial industry and joined Snowball in 2018 via the On Purpose programme, drawn by its ambitious mission to alter the status quo. My role involves a huge amount of variety, and I love the continuous need to balance having a positive impact while generating a financial return for our investors. I also enjoy being part of a close knit team that pulls together around a shared vision that investment can be completely different and can act in service of society and nature.”

Henry Bacon, Head of Operations, Finance and Investor Relations

Our culture

We are proud of on ongoing personal development programme we each participate in. This has two key strands.

  1. Activating our strengths

  2. Improving our ability to give each other feedback

Working with external facilitation specialists, Strengths Unleashed, and using the Clifton Strengths online talent assessment we meet together regularly as a group to maximise our potential positive impact.

Purpose built for impact

We’ve designed the way we work together around the impact we want to achieve. We work in a transparent way. For example we discuss most topics openly in our weekly team meeting, and our board papers are available for all to read to make sure everyone in the team has a clear picture of our strategy. We have some innovative aspects to our employee package – for example we have 40 days holiday as part of our vision for a more balanced and sustainable economy is that we can work and live in different ways that place greater value on purpose and time.

Our values


We are designing a better way.

  • challenge ourselves and the industry, so we all grow​

  • are backed by robust processes, methodology and research​

  • listen to investors, investees and each other​

  • give feedback, take time to understand and build on each other’s strengths​

  • draw on diversity of thought.


Positive impact for society and our planet is not an offset or add-on for us.

  1. act as catalysts and stay on mission​

  2. work to understand and improve our impact​

  3. drive excellence and efficiency for our fund​

  4. work on our self-awareness and look after ourselves and each other​

  5. influence the community around us, advocate and lobby​

  6. redress systems and ways of working so they are rooted in equity​

  7. walk our talk and share the journey – so we become multipliers.


Our relationships, community and ecosystem are key to our mission.

  1. encourage each other to be ourselves and value everyone’s contribution​

  2. have fun and celebrate success​

  3. are inclusive and create a sense of belonging​

  4. collaborate, create and partner with those who share our mission​

  5. stay agile, listen and respond to what we learn.