Snowball Annual Impact Showcase 2024

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Daniela Barone Soares, CEO, Snowball

Tue 7 May 2024

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We carefully select the best funds to invest in world changing impact solutions on your behalf. At our Annual Impact Showcase for Snowball investors we platformed the founders and innovators from our portfolio creating positive impact and great returns.

Read about just some of the world changing solutions below.


Murval Iqbal at Hived told us about raising £10m in Series A funding whilst creating a 66% emission reduction per parcel delivered in 2023.


Rob Ryan at Aristata told us about $4bn of capital invested in litigation funding in the last three years whilst fighting environmental damage, human rights abuses, gender & racial inequality, minority shareholder issues, housing inequality & other unaddressed wrongs. We also heard how they build capacity in communities.

Circularity Capital

Jamie Butterworth at Circularity Capital told us how $4 trillion in profit could be made by converting the global economy to be circular and how 33 million tonnes of UK CO2 emissions per year could be saved by implementing a comprehensive circular economy.


Lienda Kavindele at Lendable told us about leading an alternative finance platform focused on empowering underserved communities.

60 Decibels

Sol Eskenazi at 60 Decibels who told us about how to get actionable, benchmarked social performance data. We heard about social impact as the lived experience of people.


Tom Ritchie at Cibus told us about how food and farming are undergoing a period of systemic change. He spoke to The Flavour Farm, a state-of-the-art tomato glasshouse business in Cibus’ portfolio, which uses 90% less water than conventional growing, sources 90% of its heat from geothermal energy and has a 45% lower carbon footprint than conventional growing.